Book Review: Bringer of Light by Jaine Fenn

Bringer Of Light by Jaine FennBringer of Light by Jaine Fenn

Gollancz, 402pp large format paperback
£12.99 cover price

Reviewed by R A Bardy [@mangozoid]

Forming part of Jaine Fenn’s Hidden Empire series, this is a space-based action adventure with a smattering of space opera overtones, and if treated as such is a wonderful read. Dare to delve deeper, and I suspect it’ll fall over and bop you on the head…

The female Sidhe (aka space elves) were humanity’s one-time rulers, and are believed long dead, but our hero Jarek Reen knows better and along with Taro and Nual –the latter a rebel female Sidhe– is on a mission to expose their ‘lost’ world, Serenein, to the rest of the galaxy. Alas, he is both aided and thwarted in this endeavour by the male Sidhe, long-time enemies of the female Sidhe and erstwhile allies of humanity way back when, and a race hell bent on completely extinguishing the female Sidhe from existence.

Encompassing a galaxy-spanning quest for a shift-space Beacon (a pre-requisite for intergalactic travel), the fabulously imagined worlds of Aleph, the Three Cities of planet Vellern, and a host of other exotic space-based tech concepts, Bringer of Light deserves its place in the ‘fun to read’ category, and with this in mind comes highly recommended.

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