Update: Just a heads up…

We’ve kind of moved, or at least shifted a wee bit, so a warm welcome to www.mangoblogalicious.com

This morning I’ve spent some time tidying things up a bit and including a few of my earlier book review columns from last year’s issues of BTS emag — the first one is here, and the relevant links to a few of the early Ali B columns now have their own menu to the right. The plan (as such), is to periodically update these so they’re only running a few months behind, but given the backlog of other material still to go on, I’m afraid it’ll probably be next year before some of the fresher stuff starts to filter through and catch-up, so to speak. Looking back, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how many titles I’ve managed to cram into my column over the last year or so, go take a look if you want, I’ll wait… 😉

I’ve also improved the main Book Reviews section using a neater grid format, which should make it a bit easier for casual browsing… If you’re looking for anything in particular on the site, I’d always recommend trying the site-specific Search box and Archives drop-down menu in the first instance, but feel free to explore and find your own way round if you wish!

That said, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about a few things, and am giving myself a couple of days to calm down before I post my first significant blog rant — no doubt it won’t be the last, but I’d like to give myself a breather and organise my thoughts a little before getting on my soapbox and raising hell… Y’see, there is a first time for everything… lol