Book Review: Breed by K T Davies

Breed by K T DaviesBreed by K.T. Davies

Fox Spirit Books, 240pp standard paperback, £6.00 cover price
£2.99 on Kindle (Jan 2016)

Reviewed by Alex Bardy (Twitter: @mangozoid)

I should say at the outset that I was already a fan of K T Davies after her brilliant The Red Knight (reviewed here) novel, so came to this with some expectation of ‘riding the gritty fantastique’ and boy I wasn’t disappointed. This is a riotous, raucous, rollercoaster of a ride that reads like a series of shifty scrapes and scrappier scuffles, chained together and fed to the reader piece-meal like a nine-course buffet of culinary delights, only the servers are delivering the dishes with imaginative profanity, uber perfecto precision instruments, and a dash of dramatic hubris. It really is a heap of fun, and I caught myself laughing out loud so many times as the main character, Breed, utters some new form of inventive swearing that I’d hitherto not seen coming…

This is great story, an imaginative blancmange blending Raiders of the Lost Ark and Stainless Steel Rat with Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora but throwing in the grand decorative scenery of Silverbeg’s Majipoor — it doesn’t actually matter how you decorate the setting though, because Breed will end up wrecking the joint anyway, either by himself or with the aid of his small group of society rejects. Oh yes, and we also have the Tormentor of Scribes herein — a heinous demonic soul who is also known as the dark Destroyer of Pens… Oh my… *swoons*

In summary: a thrilling tale, well told, very funny, and with some genuinely charming moments betwixt all the down-and-dirty gutter-like goings on. Hugely recommended, and check out her other work too if you get the chance.

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