Update: Generic happenings and other stuff…

Hi again,

Just an update on things now that 2015 is but a pile of embers drifting into the past…

I’ve finally caught up with my backlog of archival book reviews, which effectively means that any of my book reviews that may have appeared elsewhere (mostly on the British Fantasy Society website) should now be somewhere on this site – as always, the Search box is your friend in most instances if there’s a particular book or author you’re looking for. I’ve also updated the Book Reviews Wot I Wrote section, with cover images of all but the most recent reviews now compiled on one page for those who prefer a visual search of such things.

With the demise of Readwave at the tail end of 2016, I’ve had to re-jig the Written Stuff Wot I Did section – this is a work-in-progress of course (with a long way still to go), but I have posted one of my short stories from Readwave on there for now, Young Love is approx 1300 words, so if you do have the time and inclination to do so, feel free to read and comment.

Best Of Vector_cover

I also recently updated the Design Work Wot I Done page to include the rather spiffing Best of Vector Vol. 1 – a publication I produced back in October for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) with Paul Kincaid and Maureen Kincaid Speller as acting editors. A marvellous job they did, too: it’s an excellent read, covering the back and forth of efforts to ‘define’ science fiction through the pages of Vector, the BSFA’s quarterly journal. At time of writing, I’m just completing the final layout and design work for the latest issues of Vector and Focus for the BSFA (the latter is aimed at genre writers) – if you’re already a member, expect them both through your postbox by the end of January 2016, hopefully.

Still with the BSFA, the second-stage nominations for the BSFA Awards will draw to a close at the end of January, which will in turn mean more of my energy will be directed towards producing another BSFA Awards Booklet in readiness for Mancunicon, the 67th EasterCon which (obv) takes place over the Easter weekend in March from Friday 25th to Monday 28th. I long ago decided it was unfair of me to desert my family every Easter weekend, so alas, I won’t be attending this one, but I must say the website looks positively morbid, like it belongs to a funeral directors… I’d like to reassure you that the real thing is generally a very jolly (and busy!) affair, or at least it was the last time I did attend (2014 I think). Great fun it was too I should add!


In other news, I’ll be playing host once again for the forthcoming York Pubmeet at the end of the month (the fifth one in York since we started back in 2014 – there have been a similar number in Sheffield organised by Steven Poore on behalf of the SFSF Social).  The 5th York Pubmeet takes place on Saturday 30th January, and our guest authors reading from their work on the evening are Marc L Turner and Alison Littlewood – it’s a FREE event, always a good crack, with plenty to drink and flowing conversation [see what I did there!] and the opportunity to mingle amongst other genre fans from across Yorkshire is a good thing.  As always, I’ll be giving a slack handful of new and old books away on the night via the FREE raffle, so do come along and say “Hi!” if you’re in or around York that weekend.  It’s at the Brigantes in York, and full details can be found on Eventbrite here: 5th York Pubmeet.


There’ll be some more Ali B columns getting posted at some point this week, taking us from January 2015 up to the summer of 2015, and having re-read Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles last year, I’ve got a few things to throw out there re. his writing, so do keep your eyes peeled for that later this week.

Other than all the above, it’s still relatively quiet for now…