Written Stuff Wot I Did

This will be the page where you can find links to some of my fiction/poetry writing, especially if others have seen fit to publish it. There may be other stuff in here, but we’ll see what happens as we go along…

… There’s no real structure to this page, but I guess it would make sense to put my book here in the first instance – it’s a comprehensive primer for Magic: The Gathering, aimed at new or returning players. It’s bang up to date (as of October 2016), covers all the latest developments and card sets/blocks, and frankly, is a damn spiffing read – it’s also jam-packed with full colour images (well over 300) with card and play examples and frankly so much information that if you’re even remotely interested in the Magic collectible card game, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

… At the tail end of 2015, I wrote something for the Fox Spirit website, an affectionate trip down memory lane at a series that had a profound affect on me as a wee littl’un. The series was originally called simply ‘V’ and you can read about it here: Things I Learned From Cult TV

… I’ve written a couple of other pieces about genre TV over the years, but  my preview of the first series of Defiance for the BSFA generated a lot of interest even before the series was launched here in the UK…

… A small sample of some of my short and flash fiction previously appeared on the readwave.com website, but since that’s now defunct, I’ve temporarily posted some of it here. Am particularly pleased with the comments I received from so many people on Young Love – none of which will probably see the light of day again, but they were kind comments all the same. ‘Young Love’ was originally destined for a competition I missed the deadline for… ho hum… My thanks to all and sundry who took the time to read my stuff while it was up there – very much appreciated!




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