British Science Fiction Association (BSFA)…

I have been doing the layout/design work for all BSFA publications since late 2012, including the annual BSFA Awards booklets (2012-2015), all issues of Vector magazine from #272 onwards, all issues of FOCUS since #59 (Winter 2012/13) and the Best of Vector special booklet (2015) . It’s a voluntary thing, and something I’ve enjoyed doing. FOCUS in particular, has been a great outlet for some experimental magazine layout, not all of which worked out as planned…

I also did some logo and cover designs for the BSFA…

FOCUS_logo_with_subtextABOVE: FOCUS logo redesign

BELOW: some early BSFA logo designs I put forward a few years ago…

BSFA_logo1BSFA logo1_bwBSFA_logo2BSFA_logo3FOCUS #61 coverFocus #62 cover

ABOVE: Some of my cover designs for FOCUS magazine, #61 (2013) and #62 (2014)

BELOW: … and a few that didn’t quite make it for #61…

Social Medley alternative designs


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